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Proofreading Digital Agency Proposals

Do you run the agency so hot that you face an employee rebellion every time a proposal is due? Is your Lead Developer a visionary who struggles with prose? Perhaps English is not the first language for your key project staff. Do you blurt?

Getting perspective

Every agency struggles with writing proposals. Whether it's responses to ITT, RFP or client requested, making time for new business finesse is painful because it draws agency staff away from their direct work. The cost of winning new business is frequently measured in stress and anxiety bashed out in a fog of haste. Heavily invested proposals with errors find their way to the client's bin almost immediately and knock staff morale.

Don't stop trying, but do get support from someone outside your business.

Proposal proofreading service

What's included?

  • Checking proposal headings to ensure the correct response structure against the brief
  • Proofreading for clarity, spelling and grammar
  • Rewriting sections that are unclear from a client's perspective
  • Checking costs
  • Checking project plans
  • Checking use of language for passive tone
  • Making sure you don't just talk about yourselves but address client needs
  • Suggestions on mechanisms known to bring clarity such as
    • Costings tables
    • Risk tables
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Executive summary
    • Understanding of requirements
    • Project plans
  • Supporting your proposition
  • Helping your seniors learn

What's not included?

  • Interfering with your project life cycle or methodology
  • Writing technical or creative proposals from scratch
  • Calculating your costs
  • Creating project plans
  • Submitting your proposals

How do we collaborate?

Google Docs, Google Hangouts, email and telephone.

Will you come to our agency office and meet with us?

Yes, anywhere in the UK.

How long does it take to proof and edit a proposal?

You'll be surprised how much can be achieved in a single day at short notice.

Will we learn from this?